Top 10 Money Saving Cleaning Tips for Spring with Jodi Avery

Top 10 Money Saving Cleaning Tips for Spring with Jodi Avery

Spring Cleaning with Jodi AverySpring is here and it’s time to start cleaning. Here are ten spring cleaning tips that will save you time and money. These are not your typical tips, so have fun trying them and remember to let Jodi know how they worked for you. 

  1. Swap Paper Towels For Newspapers

Paper towels are not always the most effective for wiping surfaces, especially glass. Sometimes paper towels will smear the oil, newspapers can penetrate it, making the glass shinier. If you are cleaning windows use dry bundles of newspaper and spray on an alcohol solution to cut the grease.

  1. Clean Your Toilet-With Kool-Aid

I bet you never thought Kool-Aid could be used as toilet bowl cleaner. It is natural and non toxic.  It’s full of citric-acid and really cleans the toilet. The cherry flavor is Jodi’s favorite. Before you go to bed, flush your toilet and pour in a packet of Kool-Aid. Let it sit overnight and flush in morning. Don’t worry about it staining because it’s being used on a porcelain surface and the color won’t bleed. If you don’t want to use Kool-Aid try a can of Coca Cola or Pepsi. These can also do the job.

  1. Run The Dishwasher On Empty For Sparkling Glasses

If you find spots on your glassware, it’s time to run the dishwasher without any dishes. Run a cycle with a package of citric acid crystals, which you can find at the drugstore or supermarket in the canning or spice aisle. Your dishes will come out sparkling clean.

  1. Improve Your Air Flow With Wax

After you’ve cleaned the air vents in your house, wax them with car wax. The dust won’t build up as quickly, and the air will pass through the vents better.

  1. Keep Your Outdoor Dirt Outside

This sounds basic, but by keeping dirt outside you will have less frequent dusting, vacuuming and carpet shampooing. For added protection, place a mat inside the door in addition to a mat outside the door. This will help capture any grit and dirt that can damage hardwood floors. 

  1. Get Rid Of Pet Hair With Rubber Gloves

This is an easy one. Simply put on a pair of rubber gloves and rub your hands over furniture and carpet to pick up all the hair that your beloved furry family member has kindly deposited. You can then submerge your gloved hands in water to get the hair off the gloves and scoop it up all at once.

  1. Ditch Winter Stiffness With A Beeswax Candle

There’s nothing like warm spring air coming through open windows to get rid of winter stuffiness. However, it might take more than fresh air to ditch the smell of winter. At the end of the day, nature is your best answer.  Use an all-natural beeswax candle with a mild scent to clean the air. Try a lavender scent.

  1. Fight Stains With Toothpaste

Do you have stains on your wall?  Dab some toothpaste onto a damp napkin and wipe clean. You can use the same technique to clean scuffs off your shoes, the bottom of an iron or on chrome surfaces in the bathroom to make them shine.

  1. Get Your Duvet Dry-Cleaned
    It’s all too easy to overlook, but duvets, bed spreads and comforters should be cleaned twice a year. Spring is the perfect time to have it dry-cleaned, as you switch between winter and summer quilts. Most domestic washing machines are too small to clean a duvet effectively, so you should get your duvet professional dry-cleaned. It is more likely to kill off dust mites and the allergens produced by them: this is particularly important for people who suffer from asthma or other respiratory ailments.
  1. Clean Your Oven With Baking Soda

It’s the job everyone keeps putting off, but let’s face it: the inside of your oven is in desperate need of a spruce-up after all those winter roasts and TV dinners. Here’s a tip to make life easier. Mix a little sodium bicarbonate or baking soda into a thick paste and smear it inside your oven – including the door. Leave it on for a few hours or overnight. You simply wipe it away with a damp sponge. No chemical cleaners required!

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