The Best of the Best Service Providers at Your Fingertips with Jodi’s A-list

The Best of the Best Service Providers at Your Fingertips with Jodi’s A-list


What is Jodi’s A-list? It is a list of first-class service providers in Tampa Bay that I personally endorse and refer to my friends and clients. It started back 2010. My clients were asking me for home inspectors, termite exterminators, roofers and plumbers. I would hand write the numbers on a piece of paper the businesses I recommended.  After awhile the few names turned into one page sheets and the list started growing and became a book.

I had a contest to name the book and Tracey Metzger from For the Girls International came up with the name. She liked the idea of using my first name Jodi and the “A” representing my last name Avery, as well as symbolizing “A” as being the best…so that’s how Jodi’s A-list started.

To be a part of my A-list, you can to fill out the vendor form in the back of the Jodi’s A-list book or simply make an appointment to meet with me for 15 minutes to chat, so you know what is expected. When I recommend a vendor, I want them to give excellent service, be the best in their field, be honest, have integrity and really care about the client. I want the vendors I endorse to give my clients the same service I provide.

Jodi’s A-list comes out once a year and I promote it on radio and television. My recommendations have been so popular that I now have expanded it to my favorite restaurants, which are in the center of the book. What’s exciting is that I started tracking my referrals and I give out about 50 a week. I am proud of the great team of people that are on my list and the outstanding service they provide to my clients.

Here’s a sneak peak of some of my wonderful service providers on Jodi’s A-list:

-Bob Symanski with Smanksi & McKnight. Bob is my personal accountant. Tax season is right around the corner and he provides expertise, great service and makes tax season feel a little better.

-Chuck Philips with Law offices of Charles S. Philips, PLC. He is a fantastic personal injury attorney.

-Wendi Braswell. She is my phenomenal personal stylist. She dresses you for success! She can do everything from closet makeovers to personal shopping.

-Patricia Rossi is the world’s best etiquette coach and speaker in the Tampa Bay area. It is a joy and honor to know her.

-Joe Staltare with Complete Care Systems, Inc. He is my carpet cleaner and one of the nicest guys around. His service is simply outstanding and he is reasonably priced.

-Janet Tatum with New Foundations Counseling. She is a great prayer counselor. She also does inner healing. Her counsel is God centered. She can change you and your family’s life. Love her!

-Bill Christian with Two Guys and a Van. I have been using him for more than 20 years. He has never broken anything and does a meticulous job and is very fairly priced.

-Rich Weinberg with CCI Painting. He is my outside painter. He is truly the best at what he does and I am proud to have him as part of my A-list team!

-Brice Bittner with Countryside Water Conditioning. He is a phenomenal guy with years of experience and expertise in his business. The best service I have ever had!

There are so many more people I would like to share with you. If you would like to see the rest of Jodi’s A-list, email me your address at  or call me at 727.238.9660.  I would love to send you a Free copy of Jodi’s A-list in the mail.

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